If you feed the cells in your body exactly what they need, your health will benefit. We are associated with USANA -The Cellular Nutritional Company. USANA is committed to the highest standards of product design and manufacturing, and guarantees the potency of every nutritional product we sell.

Why Supplement?

Every day, your body produces billions of new cells. They take in nutrients, grow, and duplicate. Providing optimal nutrition for these cells is essential to your health. Micronutrients-vitamins and minerals-are vital. Vitamins are essential for normal metabolism, healthy growth, and development. Minerals help build strong bones and teeth, and they are essential components of enzymes and enzyme systems. They also support immunity, regulate metabolism, and aid digestion.

Diet and nutrition are important factors in the maintenance of good health but, as healthy dietary choices decline, so does your body's natural ability to perform at its optimal level.

Adding high-quality vitamin and mineral supplements to your balanced diet and exercise is the easiest way to support your health.

Your Body Is in a Constant State of Flux

Your cells and tissues are continually rebuilding, renewing, and regenerating. They need vitamins and minerals to support these processes for many important reasons:

  • Your entire blood supply is renewed every three to four months.
  • The majority of the proteins in your body are replaced every six months.
  • Almost your entire skeleton-which we usually think of as permanent-is renewed/remodelled about every 10 years.

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